The 5 Easiest Flowers to Grow

State of Indonesia is a country that is no less beautiful with other countries because Indonesia has many flowering plants with variegated good color, shape, fragrance of flowers, and so forth. The flower that there is not only can be planted in pots or in the yard, but also can be used to decorate a home or space is used for the other. Flowers also exist that require special care, and some are not. Although there are flowers that easy to treat, but the flowers can grow and develop properly. Well, for this time, you will know the 5 easiest flowers to be treated. What interest is it? Find the following answer:


Orchid plant is a flowering plant that is considered quite easy to treat because the flowers can live in the sunlight. Although orchids easiest way to take care, but the price is quite expensive flowers. This flower also has a varied color is white, yellow, and purple. Orchids, too, can be adapted in two places, namely in the shade or exposed to sunlight exposure.


Flowers are living in this water has broad leaves and flowers with beautiful colors. Lotus also includes species of flowering plants is quite easy to maintain. How to take care of this flower, you must provide a place that contains water as lotus can only live in water. In addition, the lotus is very friendly with the sun so that he is in a place which is quite hot because of direct sunlight. That way, you do not have to do extra maintenance for the lotus.


A flower that are typical with interest groups or be this one is very easy to maintain. Asoka flowers can live under the sun trick or also in dimly lit places. In addition, this interest does not have to require treatment at any time, you just need to cut to make the flowers look presentable when Asoka already unsightly edges. Asoka also, does not require watering every day because of this interest if it is not going to make your life hassle to take care of him. If you have been laid out neatly, this flower is very pretty views.


Exercising is a very famous flower in Indonesia because it is used for various purposes. Flowers that can be grown in the home yard or in pots are characterized by the fragrance and color synonymous with white. For treatment of the easiest flowers to train because it can live in the yard or in pots are exposed to direct sunlight. Care is needed just cut and smoothed neatly arranged flowers so this is not done every day just one-time only. To reduce that trees do not flower train vines everywhere, you should use as a potting medium container.


Myrtle has a tree is not too high and attractive white flower color and fragrance issued sharply in the evenings. This yellow plant can thrive in a fairly hot sun. Although this plant is widely available in the wild right, but the yellow flowers, including plants that are suitable for planting in pots is not too large.

Thus some kind of interest the easiest to treat. For those of you who do not have time to care for flowers, then you can choose the one flower that does not need special care.

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bunga mawar

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Herb Gardening for Homeowners

Medicinal plant is a plant that has many benefits and health giving properties. In addition, many people are gardening at home because of their hobby with the work and the crops they grow not only vegetables, but the types of medicinal plants. This is because gardening medicinal plants are not only used as a cure, but it can also be used to complement the herbs, such as ginger and turmeric are frequently used as medicine. Besides being used to make the drug, this plant is used as seasoning. Gardening is a fun job and also provide an atmosphere that can make homes look more beautiful. However, before you decide to medicinal plants in home gardening, following initial steps to be prepared:

Determine the types of medicinal plants

The initial step before gardening medicinal plants, you must specify the species of medicinal plants in advance. Types of medicinal plants suitable for planting in the yard of the house is ginger, turmeric, cat whiskers, crown of the gods, and Noni. These plants do not really need a place too wide making it suitable for planting in the home. Determine the type of drug benefits is also important because if the selected medicinal plants are not in accordance with the conditions certainly make your yard complicated than that plant roots can damage the floor of the house. Therefore, Selection of medicinal plants is important so that you can adjust the spot.

Consider planting tool

Once you get this kind of medicinal plants suitable for planting at home now when you consider planting tool. Good soil is soil that has soft and somewhat blackish criteria. In addition, a great land as a medium soil gardening is burning because the former will be more fertile and will accelerate the plant’s shoots. You can also plant medicinal plants in a container by means of a bucket or in a flower pot so it does not require a means of planting too wide. Good planting medium, of course, will give good results. So, for you who intend to gardening medicine at home, consider planting means that in select be the first step. You can also add a fertile soil with fertilizers. Stir until smooth the way between the soil and fertilizer after it was recently used as a means of drug.

preparing fertilizer

Preparing fertilizers also be your first step to make medicinal plants look lush. You can prepare organic or non-organic fertilizers. For organic fertilizer you can make it yourself because this fertilizer can be made in a way that is quite easy to use the remains of plants, animal waste, rotting leaves, husks, and other materials in a manner that is in the process of weathering. This organic fertilizer such as compost. While non-organic fertilizer is a fertilizer made of active chemicals. Non-organic fertilizers are easily available in the markets. However, you should use organic fertilizer because it is more natural than chemical fertilizers. The use of fertilizers is very good because it’s made of roots, leaves, stems, and fruit is increasing the number of results.

Thus the first step in home gardening medicinal plants that can be considered by you before starting gardening. Applying medication gardening is an activity that is very positive for everyone so you do not have to immediately go to a doctor when exposed to illness. Try to make your own concoction of the types of drugs that exist in your garden when you are sick one when colds.

Types of Ornamental Plants

Ornamental plants are not only used to beautify the home page, but also can be used to decorate the room of the house. Besides the room look beautiful of course also very cool and beautiful. In fact, presenting ornamental plants in the house can be distanced from various diseases, such as asthma caused by air pollution and also pneumonia brought from cigarette smoke. Talking about ornamental plants, there are many types of ornamental plants that have a function as above, but the most commonly used is the fourth interest below:


Palm plants used to decorate the rooms of the house, namely Yellow Palem, Princess, Wergu, and Pheonoik. Palm plants characterized by leaves that extends to cover the rods. Beauty and beauty of the more visible when the plants started to grow. Therefore, despite being in the room, make sure you take care to look stays fresh. Naturally, if this tanamana has also tempting price, which is about 40 thousand dollars to the top but at times the price can change depending on the store provides.


sewatanamanandongterang1One of the plants is quite well known and beasal of Africa is Andong plants. This plant is characterized by long-shaped leaves and parse it down so that the plant became one of interest many people. With the presence of Andong plants in your home, it will give a very beautiful coolness that air pollution can be neutralized. No wonder when the targeted price also varies from 35 thousand to the top.

Peace Lily

Bunga Peace LilyPeace Lily plant is also no less interesting when these plants are able to absorb many toxins that roam in the room, such as toxins acetone, benzene, ammonia, formaldehyde, and much more. However, these plants should be in a suitable temperature which is below the temperature of 27 degrees centigrade in order to flourish. Although the price is quite high, about 40 thousand dollars but does not undo the interest of many people to choose it as the plants carriage has a myriad of benefits.

Dracaena Massangeana

imagesThis one plant (Dracaena Massangeana) basically is a bit difficult to call. However, if you know the benefits would not be so difficult even be kept in mind. Massangeana Dracaena plants can absorb more toxins, one banzena that possibility can attack the liver, kidney, trigger asthma, and even cancer. However, this plant can not be under the light is too hot, for example, exposed to sunlight or exposed to excessive light bulbs. The popularity of these plants increasingly rising so the price can be 40 thousand dollars up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Ornamental plants in addition to providing a cool atmosphere also promising health for homeowners. No wonder when the plants become should not be abandoned in beautifying the room. If you are interested in buying houseplants, you can find the easy way because social media has been a lot of websites that offer. So, you do not need to be tired of spending a lot of time to search for and select these plants because you can get it by way of an online order.

Planting Mango and Papaya at Your Own Garden?

Currently, it has plants, papaya and mango could become a commercial enterprise to earn the maximum. For example papaya, people need to be used as a mask for dry skin is able to cope and also neutralize skin wrinkles. Additionally, mango and papaya can also launch the digestive system. No wonder when the fruit is increasingly in demand in the market. Keen to plant mango and papaya in your garden? Why not! You can plant these fruits in a proper manner so that the results are satisfactory, as in the following description:


pepaya ranum

Choose a planting medium fertile

tanah-bedengan-pembibitan-kunyitChoosing lush planting medium is important in planting mango and papaya trees. Make sure you examine the first land to be used as a planting land to ensure that the planting medium is loose soil and humus. Keep in mind, loose soil and humus are very suitable for planting mango and papaya trees because the soil moisture maintained so that the planted trees can flourish. Remember, choosing the lush planting medium is the first step to obtain the expected results.

Use quality seeds

bibit amnggabibit pepayaThe resulting crop quality so you should also use a good seed. Make sure the seeds derived from mango and papaya also has a sweet taste and a good and a lot of fruit. If you want to buy seeds of the fruit directly, to choose a trustworthy. There is no harm in selecting quality seeds although the price is relatively high because often the price of seeds can affect the crop yield will be.

Wear good planting techniques

jarak manggapola-pepaya-subangMango and papaya tree planting can not be done arbitrarily. In other words, it must be the right way so that the results are satisfactory. To plant a mango and papaya trees and make sure the depth ranging up to 50-10 cm high, while the distance between the tree with one another approximately 5-10 meters. It is important to not ignore this, if the tree is too narrow it can not freely in the growth and certainly can not grow to the maximum. In fact, besides the trunk tend to be small, it will also affect the fruit obtained.

Treat the proper way

e5jwc5In order for papaya and mango trees can grow up healthy you must care for her in the proper way, like giving fertilizer, flush with water, and gave the drug to eradicate the pest. Be sure to do so in accordance with the procedure, ie 1-2 times a week (as recommended). Remember, take care of the plants would have become the fourth step to achieve a large harvest, therefore, do not waste your struggles.

Papaya and mango fruit than can be sold in a straightforward manner can also be processed to be used as a beverage in containers. From this it can be concluded, but can gain directly by selling mangoes and papaya naturally also be produced for the benefit in the next period. For example mango, besides serve juice can also be produced as a facial soap.



Why Do Most Women Love Gardening?

gardening womanEvery woman is unique in her own way. Some women look unique based on the way they dress up. Their fashion taste can define who they are. Aside from fashion, another thing that can make a woman unique is her hobby. What kind of women’s hobby you know so far? Perhaps, you see your mother knitting. Yeah, that’s a kind of great passion women can have. With this hobby, they can create beautiful things that are knitted, such as sweater, hat, bag, and many more. Meanwhile, women who love cooking can make delicious foods for family. Sounds good, right? Another common hobby is gardening. Have you ever seen a woman who love spending time for gardening. Or, is your closest one so? Perhaps, you pretty wonder why they enjoy gardening in since it is quite tiring.

Well, let’s talk about the reason why women love gardening below:

They have an interesting thing to do on leisure time

What do you do when you are free? Hobby is a great thing to do for sure because you will enjoy your time and do something fun, right? Thus, women don’t need to feel confused anymore when feeling bored especially for wives. Having nothing to do on leisure time is one of the worst things in life in which all family members have their own routines. Besides, they are sick and tired of watching TV, reading novels, cleaning house, and doing daily activities at home. When it’s happen, women can do gardening that is useful and healthy as well.

They want to improve house’s value and take advantage of plants

Women value aesthetics. They love all about beauty, not only in physical appearance, but also things around them. House’s exterior and interior are also their main concerns. They want to have a beautiful garden that can increase home’s value and provide more comfort to the homeowners.

In addition, having a garden isn’t only about beauty, beauty, and beauty. Women can also take advantage of the plants for daily use or other needs. Those women who do herb gardening can use it as medications. Fruit and vegetable gardeners are also able to get the benefit.

They can make money by selling flowers, seeds, and plants

Last but not least, the most appropriate reason to start gardening and keep doing it is to make money. That’s right, women can earn money by being a florist or opening a plant business. They may start small by promoting to friends and relatives while introducing the business to wider prospects. Selling flowers, seeds, and plants can give much profit since many people need them for house plants or gifts. In this case, women may also hire more people to get helps.