Bought A Home Through Redstones Walsall Area

redstones-walsallI was looking around one day at homes for sale. It was a dream of mine to own a home and I knew my husband wanted to purchase one too. We weren’t really wanting to get one at that point, but liked to see what was available in case there was something we really wanted to buy. I found a few listings I showed my husband and I told him I really loved these homes and wanted to look into purchasing them. He told me we could look at them and said that we would decide at that point.

I went to the Redstones Walsall website and showed him the listings I found in the area. He said that he liked them too and to set up an appointment to see them in person. I contacted a realtor through the website to let them know of our interest in the home. Within just a few hours I received a phone call about these homes and made arrangements to go look at them in person the next day. I couldn’t wait to tell my husband that we were going to get to look at them.

The next day we met up with the real estate agent and looked at the homes. The first one is the one that my husband and I both fell in love with. We told the realtor that we wanted to talk about it, but would be back in contact with them.

That night my husband and I discussed our finances to see if we could fit that payment into what we already have going out every month. Since our rent was about the same amount, we decided to go for it and apply for the loan for the home.

We contacted the realtor the next day to let them know we were interested and going to apply for the loan for the home. Luckily, we didn’t have any issues getting approved and were able to purchase the home that we wanted from Redstones Walsall area.

We moved into our home shortly after buying it. The real estate company made it easy to get everything in order to sell us the home. They simplified the process for us as much as they could. They were great to work with and while we won’t be looking for a home any time soon, I will recommend them to anyone that is.