The Best Time to Hire a Jacksonville Water Damage Restoration Company

If you’ve had a flood or leak in your home, then it’s possible that you’ve sustained some water damage to your home. Sometimes the damage is slight because the water did not have time to seep into your floors, walls, or ceilings. Other times the water damage is substantial.

While most people know that they need to all in a Jacksonville water damage restoration expert when the damage is substantial, most don’t know if they should call someone in if the damage appears minimal. The truth is, you’re not the best person to determine the amount of damage sustained by your home.

Even when your home’s water damage seems insignificant you should call in an expert to determine if repairs are needed. Often, this assessment can be made by the plumbing professional who repairs your leak. They can tell you about any structural damage caused by your water problem.

Some repairs are small enough that you can fix them yourself, such as replacing wallboards, painting or refinishing woodwork. However, if the plumber or other contractor tell you that there is damage to your beams or wall studs or that there is a mold or mildew issue, then you should call in a professional.

Contacting a water damage restoration company and explaining your problem is the first step. While they can provide you with some information on the phone, they need to see your problem before they can assess the damage.

For example, if you had a major flood in your kitchen or bathroom while you were away for the weekend, the restoration company would have to see how much damage the water did to the flooring and walls. A slight slant to your floor could mean that only one wall has extensive water damage. The company can’t know this until they inspect your room. You may not be able to spot the signs of water damage.

This is why the best time to call a Jacksonville water damage restoration company is right after you determine you save water damage that is beyond your ability to make the repair. They can offer you advice as to the best way to proceed with the repair.

If you end up hiring the company to restore your water damaged home, then you can feel confident that the job will be done correctly. After the repair is done, you can relax and feel assured that the water damage will no longer be an issue.