What Is Involved in Bee Hive Removal?

If you have a bee hive in or around your home, it can be quite a frightening issue. Regardless of whether you have an allergy to bee stings or not, you certainly would not want to get stung by any of those bees in the area. Once the hive has been detected, you need to ensure that you take the proper steps for bee hive removal. Here are some things to consider.

First of all, it is not necessary for you to remove the hive on your own. There are plenty of bee removal services that will come to your property and care for it properly. Not only can they remove the bees, they also do what is necessary to keep a recurrence from taking place.

Perhaps one of the more important things to keep in mind is the possibility that you or a member of your household might be allergic. Bee stings can be quite serious if an allergy exists, resulting in anaphylactic shock and the possibility for death. If you have never been stung by a bee before, tread very lightly.

If you are going to attempt to remove the hive yourself, you need to be protected. Take a lesson from the book of those who remove these professionally, wear light clothing. Bees may become agitated when you wear darker colored clothing. You may also want to use a bee smoker, as it can make them less likely to sting. Avoid wearing any cologne or strong scents.

If you are removing the hive with a chemical, there are some insecticides on the market that can work quite well. If they are located within the home, you may need to locate them from the outside, drill a hole in the wall and insert the insecticide. Some bee hive removal services are able to care for the project without any harmful insecticides or other chemicals. This is something you can discuss with the company if you choose to go that route.

The disposal of the bee hive is also an important part of the removal process. The hive should be put in a plastic bag and the bag should be sealed. The bees should be dead and you can then place the bag in a sealed trash can. Clean the area where the bee hive existed to avoid the possibility for the bees returning again.

Although it is possible to remove the bee hive yourself, you may want to hire a service to ensure that it is done promptly and properly. It can save you a lot of aggravation when the professionals care for such a difficult project.